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It is Our Job to Help You

About Treihok

We are an information technology enabled staffing company that aims to solve the problem that households and businesses face when it comes to finding, hiring and retaining workers.

Why choose our services

Largest database of verified workers for your home or business.

Fast service: Turnaround time of 2 days from request placement to onboarding.

Trained resources: Access to resources with basic soft and hard skill training.

High process efficiency: Seamless process from need identification to onboarding.

Collaborative experience: We collaborate with our customers to ensure high quality and continuity of service.

Trust and transparency: We provide visibility to our system and processes so that you know you can trust us and our resources.

Our process

We manage the process from the time an employer has a requirement to the time we place the worker with the employer and beyond to ensure that there is a good fit between the worker and the employer. We use technology to enable the process so that we can provide you the best and fastest solution for your manpower needs.

We verify each worker that we place with our clients and provide training based on the needs of the employers. 

Our obligation

We promise to be honest and transparent in all that we do. We will be your trusted partner and help you find the right quality people for your household and business. 

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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